Urban Literary Film Festival (ULFF)

Established in October 2002 and implemented October 16-18, 2003 at the historical downtown Carolina Theatre, the Urban Literary Film Festival (ULFF) in Greensboro, North Carolina... is dedicated to the promotion of urban-theme shorts, features and documentaries as a form of art, creative expression and livelihood. The mission of the ULFF 2004 is to produce a unique 4-day festival to provide innovative and distinctive film programs, networking and educational opportunities for youth, teachers, writers-to-actors-to-HipHop activists as well as the needed exposure for the urban-theme filmmaker..

What is discussed on our weekly meetings:

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By showcasing the best urban-theme films from around the world to an international audience of press, industry, film enthusiasts, film buyers, photographers, and other aspiring filmmakers, the ULFF's mission is to act as a pillar of support by fostering unity, encouraging intelligent, creative and professional filmmaking, and procuring funding and distribution resources to take the proverbial business of urban-theme filmmaking to the Next Level Of Opportunity!!!